Church Family

Being family

Being 'Family' is an important part of who we are at New Life. As well as meeting together on Sunday mornings, we often have 'Bring and Share' lunches. Many of us meet in homes for life groups through the week, and we support one another, and those known to us, in prayer through our weekly prayer meeting on Zoom, and through our text-based Prayer Net.

From time to time, we have gatherings such as barbeques, meetings for ladies, outings for men,
and coach outings to places like Llandudno and Southport.

Life Groups

We meet at various homes on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm, during term time.

We've studied courses to learn about the bible, prayer, evangelism etc. We also enjoy sharing life together over a cup of tea and a cake, and praying for one another. We sometimes have 'socials' too, where we bring food to share together and enjoy fellowship.

Family Testimonials

“I started attending New Life Community Church Crewe in January 2017. I was new to the area, and live close to the church. My daughter and her son come to church with me whenever I’m off work. I sense the presence of the Holy Spirit when Pastor Andy brings a message from God. I feel recharged with peace, hope and comfort.

I loved taking part in the bible reading series on the Psalms, I’d never done that in my life before! I also loved our church outings to Southport and Coleford. In fact, I love being a part of New Life family. My mum in the Philippines, and my brother in Japan love listening to Pastor Andy‘s message from God. We have a watch party on Facebook!”

- Madina

"We first walked into New Life Community Church in February 2018 a few days after we moved into Crewe from Surrey. We immediately felt at home and this feeling of comfortable ease has remained our overall experience of being a part of the church. We have found it to be a church family full of remarkably kind and loving people—people whose lives and attitudes are truly shaped by the God they serve.

Pastor Andy and Susan have been extraordinary in their care, wisdom and self-sacrifice and it has had a deep effect on Segun and me to watch them serve according to Christ’s example. Sessions at Noah’s Ark and Small Beginnings have always been favourites of the boys’ and have been a vital source of knowledge and enjoyment of Bible stories.

Our family has had to endure some tough circumstances in the last two years, but we have also enjoyed eye-watering generosity—in terms of resources, time, words and prayers. We have been blessed in many ways by being a part of this church family and are truly grateful to God for leading our steps into New Life Community Church that day.”

Segun, Princess, Alfieri, Ettore and Enzo Akin-Olugbade