About Us

Originally founded in 1998, New Life Community Church has grown to include people of all backgrounds, communities, and cultures. The Lead Pastor is Andy Taylor.


The church is part of the Elim Pentecostal Churches of Great Britain and Ireland, founded by George Jefferies in 1915. The name ‘Elim’ is taken from the book of Exodus in the Bible where the Israelites, exhausted and dispirited as they escaped from Egypt, came to an oasis in the desert where there were wells of water and many palm trees. It was called Elim, which means ‘a place of refreshing’. Today, Elim has over 600 churches around the UK and many thousands more overseas, see www.elim.org.uk for more details.


New Life Community Church is also part of Churches Together in Crewe. This group represents most of the main churches in the area where both clergy and laity meet together to consider ways in which we can bring a united message and Christian values to the local community.

Rev. Andy Taylor

Andy is the son of an Elim Minister and has been pastoring for over 20 years.

His extensive experience has come through leading churches of various sizes in London and the Midlands.


Andy is married to Susan, and has been leading New Life Community Church since 2008.